Digital Outreach

The Applicant proposes to approach the present problem statement in a two-pronged manner

Immediate Response

Given the rapid explosion in the need for real-time information among citizens globally during the COVID-19 pandemic, the primary focus of the DOCE Unit should be to disseminate real-time information and respond to citizen grievances with respect to four fundamentally affected sectors of health, food, migration and livelihood through the use of digital communication and technology enabled solutions.

Long Term Solution

Once the framework for effective digital communication and citizen engagement is put in place, the Applicant proposes to build the overall holistic approach involving systems and methods for the Govt. to propagate its work and engage meaningfully with the citizens.


Create & Activate

The Applicant proposes to create the following platforms to deal with the digital response to the current crisis effectively.

The Applicant proposes to activate and augment the State Govt’s existing social media network to target the 2.9 Crore internet users in West Bengal through capacity building and coordination of the existing digital properties of GoWB.

Engage & Respond

The Applicant proposes to create a two-way communication channel with the citizens through the help of digital communications and technology enabled solutions to create the narrative of an involved and responsive Govt. for the citizens. The Applicant to this end, will also deploy listening tools to analyse citizen sentiment in the digital ecosystem to provide regular feedback to the Govt.

The Applicant proposes to structure the DOCE Unit in a manner to enable the Govt. to respond to the needs and concerns of the citizens and frontline workers through the usage of technology enabled interactive platforms like chatbots and WhatsApp groups.


The Applicant proposes regular and last-mile dissemination of information and propagation of the achievements of GoWB to keep the citizens aware and informed of its efforts through curated and visually engaging format by deploying digital communication and paid marketing.

Overall Digital Plan

The Applicant proposes to create an overall digital blueprint with key SOPs and coordination framework for various stakeholders in the Govt.

What we do

The Applicant’s approach to revamp digital communication and citizens engagement for the Government of West Bengal will be premised on the pillars of

The DOCE Unit will support GoWB to reinvigorate its holistic digital presence. IT seeks to facilitate Citizens’ engagement with the GoWB through use of technology, leveraging the use of social media platforms and digital communication tools.

Execution Plan

Phase I

Setting Up of the DOCE Unit

The first phase of the implementation will focus setting up the coordination mechanism between the DOCE Unit and various nodal officers of GoWB at the department and district level.

Phase III

Coordinated Response and Digitally Sourced Issue Resolution Mechanism

In the third phase the team will work towards formalizing a coordinated response mechanism for the entire lifecycle of sourcing to resolution followed by propagation.

Phase II

Launch of Technology-Enabled Platforms

The second phase of implementation will focus on launch of the centralized website, the monitoring dashboard, Social Media properties, the mobile application and the chatbots.

Phase IV

Operationalizing Long-Term Solution

The final phase will be dedicated to set-up systems and processes for long term operationalization of digital SOPs for the various departments and district administration of GoWB

Proposed Technology

A one-stop solution for every information and real-time updates on COVID-19 situation in the state with features enabling engagement of citizens

Optimised use of several existing platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. for enabling effective information propagation, real-time updates, and engagement of citizens.

A platform for enabling accessibility to all updates on-the-go, to enable citizens to engage with the communities, and for effective volunteer management.

One-stop solution for monitoring all the activity on various citizen- engagement platforms and real-time monitoring of progress across all levels of the government

An interactive citizen engagement platform for seamless, information dissemination, instant assistance on a range of queries, and effective handling of unique requests

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