We help in transforming the way banks and financial institutions operate

AI-Powered BOT for Prospect Sourcing

Qualify and Categorize your inbound leads from across different marketing channels with AI-powered multi-lingual conversational BOT.

Risk Assessment & Propensity Model

Improve your lending economics and increase customer value with intelligent cross-selling opportunity assessment and good customer selection.

Digital Outreach & Customer Engagement

Run innovative campaigns with DND policy compliance and reach out to the right audience based on Social Media/user data Profiling, targeted campaigning, and consequent customer engagement.

Customer Segmentation

Boost your conversion rate with Customer Profiling, Geo-location, behavioral and lifestyle patterns, and Credit score-based customer segmentation. Segmentation of the target audience is based on continuous, quasi-continuous, and categorical factors allowing effective mapping of the right product offering with the right customer.

Reduction of a Bank’s Non-Performing Assets

Using Visionaize’s AI-ML-based solution analyses historical data of the borrower and can help in identifying & predicting potential defaulters early in the cycle, thus providing enough room for financial institutions to address potential NPAs well in advance.

Intelligent Process Automation

Achieve higher profitability by Automating End-to-end and cross-functional processes, including processing unstructured content, thereby achieving a lean and efficient business process control.

What we do

We help organizations deep-dive into consumer insights and make more intelligent decisions, realtime.

AI-ML-enabled systems can help organizations in the BFSI sector streamline processes ranging from payments and credit decisions to quantitative and financial risk management.

Business Intelligence Made Easy


Commercial Banking

Know your Customer (KYC)

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)


Card/Payments Business

Transaction Frauds

Collusion Frauds

Real-Time Targeting

Credit Risk Scoring


IT Infrastructure

Security Cyberlake

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)


Retail Banking

Customer Churn Prediction

Deposit Fraud

Real-Time Targeting

Key Areas Where VisionAize Solutions Can Add Value In Your Organization Are

  • Identify which client is likely to avail specific products or services
  • Deepen your relationships with customers
  • Anticipate and identify client needs
  • Precisely target offers
  • Build more precise credit models
  • Actively manage your client portfolio
  • Lead in small business credit with advanced analytics
  • Proactively intervene when clients experience financial stress
  • Forecast losses more accurately
  • Cut down back-office costs related to process failures
  • Optimize trade execution and routing
  • Match investment opportunities to potential investors
  • Get research reports to the right clients

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