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We help accelerate the potential to unlock efficiencies across the oil and gas value chain.


Monitor health and predict failure of systems, assets, and components using advanced machine learning algorithms.

Predictive Maintenance

Identify high-risk assets and recommend descriptive actions before failure.

Sensor Health Management

Control operational expenses associated with AMI and other IoT sensor deployments.

Production Scheduling Optimization

Control operational expenses associated with AMI and other IoT sensor deployments.

What we do

We are here to unlock the true potential of technology for the Oil & Gas industry.

Can the new generation of thinking machines provide the oil and gas industry with the capabilities it needs to thrive in this Transformative Age? We are here to show you how.

We work from the initial exploration activities to the end-user. We ensure your oil & gas enterprise finds innovative ways to take on exploration, development, production, transportation, administration, refining, and sales.

Use Cases

There’s no denying that oil and gas play a vital role in the global energy infrastructure.

Therefore, problems in the industry — like a talent crisis — can have serious global repercussions. Suppose the global energy infrastructure and efficiency are negatively impacted, so the broader economy depends on it.

The bad news is that the oil and gas industry does have a talent crisis at hand right now. It goes onto something like this: too many experienced professionals, including highly trained engineers, are retiring, and there are too few newcomers to fill in their shoes.
The good news is that oil and gas companies may have found an avenue to overcome these twin challenges. How? By using AI.

One of the critical challenges in the oil and gas industry is identifying uneven threading in pipelines. Defects identified at the end of the production line from upstream issues cost budget resources. For instance, if the defective oil pipeline is installed into production, this could lead to severe damages. These losses are comparatively times higher than the cost of AI adoption.

Deploying AI-Powered Defect Detection Solutions can verify production quality and provide deep insights into defects in analytics.

Oil and gas plants operate in critical adverse environments, and the risk of hazards is times higher than in traditional manufacturing environments. Employees in oil plants work under adverse conditions, are sometimes exposed to toxic fumes. Not adhering to proper safety protocols can result in injury and financial penalties. For example, one such incident happened in the California-based Tesoro Martinez Refinery Plant, where a sulfuric acid spill burned two employees. Describing the incident, Tesoro officials stated that the accident would not have happened if the employees followed proper safety protocols.

An AI-powered solution can monitor the worksite to ensure workers are following safety protocols without any deviations.

As the U.S. energy sector continues to grow exponentially, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that U.S. Domestic Crude Oil Production will soar past 11 million barrels per day by 2050.
This stat clearly outlines the need to enhance exploration activities. Despite this policy and target pumps massive boost to the industry, vital factor continues to cause concern in the industry as oil and gas exploration is costly. Hydrocarbon exploration is critical to get a complete scenario of what is on the earth’s surface.

To make this process easier and streamlined, further aiding to gather precise data, adopting A.I. Powered Robots for exploration is a great solution. Top oil and gas companies are using drones to pick seismic images while image processing algorithms extract information. Based on these, investigations are carried out. This process minimizes human risk and ensures accurate data.

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