We can help can transform your utility management

Effective Load Control Mechanism helps in attaining higher margins

Timely & accurate predictions about the utility demand can help you cut down costs by reducing wastage and misuse. An efficient supply chain where you Produce, Distribute and consume only what is needed.

Improved profitability with predictive analysis of peak demand hours

Be efficient with the operational planning and reduce Procurement Costs with advanced analysis and forecasting of the utility demand.

Decrease Compliance Cost, plan Load Control Events and grow seamlessly

With VisionAIze, you are monitoring and controlling the performance of your utility in automation. Reduce power outages on the customer side, minimal interruptions, competitive utility costs and advanced demand assessment reporting.

What we do

We help identify peak hours, essential and non-essential distribution areas and optimize the operating expenses.

Smart Demand Forecasting can help businesses Reduce the utility costs with accurate production & distribution capacity planning.

With AI-ML driven Demand Forecasting technologies, eliminate the operational challenges and supply chain scope creeps from your utility demand.

Our AI Services



Our Consulting services provide expertise in mapping business problems to technical solutions that deliver business value.


Solution Development

Our Solutions offerings come with a framework and toolkits for solving challenges in a specific vertical or a domain.


System Integration

Focus on building custom analytical systems that enable efficient data management and maintenance of the cluster infrastructure.



Leverage our broad technical skillset and combined years of experience working in Big Data Analytics and Data Science.

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