Advanced Analytics & AI Solutions

We provide Advanced Analytics Offering in the following areas.

Business Analysis Strategy

Helping clients build a comprehensive Analytics Strategy to enable business insights from data assets and analytical models rapidly.

Decision Science and Support

Build statistical and machine learning models to improve growth and operational effectiveness or efficiency through innovative data uses.

Deploy, Improve Analytics and Decision Making capabilities

Build organizational capability to help deliver and continuously improve Enterprise Analytics Capability roadmap.

What we do

Advanced analytics and AI-powered analytics that help enterprises improve business strategy, decision-making and performance

Visionaize ACE (Analytics Capability for Enterprises) leverages:

  • Comprehensive data architecture to connect siloed data assets.
  • Analytical models combine and mine data across customer journeys, product telemetry, and transactional data to generate impactful insights.

Consumption experience that is contextualized and personalized for timely decision making.

Our AI Services



Let our experienced consultants map business problems to technical solutions and deliver maximum business value.


Solution Development

Our Solutions offerings come with a framework and toolkits for solving challenges in a specific vertical or a domain.


System Integration

Build Custom analytical systems that enable efficient data management and maintenance of the cluster infrastructure.



Tap into a specialized skillset and use our years of experience focused on Big Data Analytics and Data Science.

Service Segments

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Our expertise with frameworks like Tensorflow and Keras makes us an excellent choice for implementing ML. We can help you build, train and deploy machine learning models within a matter of few weeks.

Deep Learning
Deep Learning

Our service will allow you to initiate experiments and monitor them while comparing and cross-referencing data across models. You need not worry about the logs and scripts. We will manage your assets.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Visionaize’s Artificial Intelligence aims to benefit in knowledge of business test cases to empower citizens and data scientists to gain the inherent talents of the system provided.

Industry Expertise

Visionaize is always known to keep widening its horizon of work. We keep testing ourselves with new products and services to create a buzz not only in one industry but many. Some of them are as follows.

Supply Chain Analytics

From demand forecasting to optimization to enabling better planning and providing real-time visibility and decision-making capability, we cover processes across the entire value chain.

Marketing Analytics

Measuring, managing, and analyzing marketing performance and recommending ways to improve marketing effectiveness.

Customer Analytics

Tapping the immense hidden knowledge by understanding consumer behavior to make informed business decisions.

Insurance Analytics

Generating actionable insights and providing solutions on claims analytics, risk analytics, customer analytics, and other areas across the insurance value chain.

Financial Analytics

From time-series problems to credit risk to fraud and AML, we offer various services across various process areas.

Retail Analytics

Gain a 360-degree view of the customer, solve problems across the supply chain, merchandising, marketing, and other business functions.

Why Visionaize?


Maximize Efficiencies

Save time and not just money by using the IDE you prefer, existing workflows and Visual debugging tools; optimizing your networks and making them better and faster.


Robust Infrastructure

Build solutions on trusted and robust Infrastructure on Cloud for the best production environments.


Leader in AI

Manage the training end-to-end using our training assets and focus on designing the most optimum and efficient neural architecture possible.


Real-Time Visualizations

Use graphs to view accuracy and loss in real time and then track and view the hyperparameters; no more text logs.

Capability & Expertise

Methodologies Data exploration, Data Pre-processing, Feature Engineering, Feature Selection, Model Evolution, Data Visualisation, Correlation, Parameter Significance Test, Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Predictive Modelling Techniques Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, SVM, Naive Bayes, KNN, K-Means, Random Forrest, Principal Component Analysis, XG Boost, AdaBoost, Majority Voting Classifier, Ensemble Algorithm, Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Deep Neural Network (DNN)
Technologies Programming Languages:
PYTHON (Python Packages: NumPy, SciPy, MatplotLib, Pandas, Jupyter, Scikit Learn) R, Scala

Deep Learning Framework: TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras

Database: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

BI Tools: PowerBI, Tableau

Other: Amazon EC2 Linux AMI, Amazon S3, AWS, CLI, GIT Bash, Grafana, Chronograph

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