Intelligent Demand Forecast

Cut costs and provide affordable electricity to your cooperative members.

Ensure you have the most accurate and timely data to identify all CP (Coincident Peak) events while minimizing false peak notifications sent to your customers/members unnecessarily requesting them to reduce their electric usage during peak times. Provide opportunities for everyone to help keep their energy rates affordable.

Accurate prediction of peak events

Be proactive with AI-Powered demand forecasting. Get access to earlier and more accurate predictions of peak events than current manual methods.

Cut costs by efficiently managing peak times

Maximize Load Control savings by more accurately predicting peak load periods and eliminating missed peaks. There is a large incentive for getting it right.

Minimize the number of LC events

Minimize the number of LC events by making accurate load control recommendations. Alert your co-op members to reduce electricity usage during peak demand and reduce load.

Maximize your capacity and energy value during peak usage periods

Maximize your capacity and energy value during peak usage periods to increase profits and provide more competitive rates for your energy users.

What we do

We develop Intelligent Demand Forecasting of peak times for electric cooperatives.

The Intelligent Demand Forecasting (IDF) platform enables Co-ops and it’s members with the power to keep their electric rates affordable. Accurately predict peaks and send alerts to your members during times when the cost to purchase and produce power for members is high.

The Intelligent Demand Forecast AI model is designed to be easy and intuitive to use. IDF users see a very clean and easy to navigate dashboard, displaying charts and graphs showing monthly and daily comparisons of actual versus predicted load as well as an hourly 14-day load forecast. They also are presented with precise recommendations on what corrective action to take when needed.

An IDF-Intelligent Demand Forecast AI-enabled solution is used to identify the causal patterns in the load data and the impact of weather data to develop several AI bots that achieve more accurate forecasting to optimize load control for peak notifications.

Visionaize's AI Predictive Model in Action.

  • Receive real-time data from multiple sources
  • Extract insights from historical data
  • Combine historical data with the real-time data from your current systems
  • Find anomalies and combine them with historical data to produce predictions related to the future state

Who needs Intelligent Demand Forecasting?

Electric Cooperatives
Electric Cooperatives

Investor Owned Utilities
Investor Owned Utilities

Distributed Generation Owners (including Wind, Solar and Storage Owners)
Distributed Generation Owners (including Wind, Solar and Storage Owners)


Power Marketers
Power Marketers

“The Visionaize Intelligent Demand Forecast (IDF) AI solution is used to predict peak electricity usage which allows energy professionals to manage peak demand more effectively and help reduce costs which translates into more competitive rates.”

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